Care (About Each Other) Package was a Community Supported Art (CSA) project. Just like a Community Supported Agriculture share, each purchase directly supported Philly’s cultural ecosystem.  Each piece of art explored themes of reconnection across change, distance, and the unknowable. Designed to look as beautiful as the experiences were meaningful, each full share of Care Package came with a one-of-a-kind box, 15 interactive performance guides, and a few handcrafted goodies. 

Bring Yourself Into the Performance

Each performance, which may be a set of instructions, a QR code that leads to a digital experience, rules for a game (or anything the artist might add!) is printed on an illustrated card. When you pull a card out of the box, you and your loved ones become the directors, actors, and players.

Care Package Artists: Angela Bey,Yannick Trapman-O’Brien, Joseph Ahmed, Anthony Martinez-Briggs, Chantal Vorobei Thieves,Daniel Park, Sara Outing, Jackie Soro, Severin BNlake, Cat Ramirez, Nia Benjamin, Jessica Kreane.